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Sometimes, the ladder we climb can leave us feeling trapped, high up in the air, with no alternative paths open to us.

Our entrepreneurial solutions are focused on preparing you to find that alternative path from organizational leadership team to your own, successful independent venture.

We know what it’s like when your passions lead you off the beaten path, and we have the tools you need to turn your dreams into a viable reality.

How does it work?

Whether you are looking to use your unique talents to start a simple side-hustle or a life-long passion project, you need clear and actionable advice and support if you are to succeed.

We’ll help your articulate your dream in concrete detail, including:

  • Defining your new mission, vision, and product/service and giving your new venture a name
  • Creating a time-line for viable transition and start-up
  • Developing a business plan, including an effective pricing strategy

What results can I expect?

We know that your new venture needs to not only fulfil your passion and dreams, but also pay your mortgage. Our entrepreneurship solutions will help you feel confident that your new venture will be a success on all fronts.

You can expect to:

  • Recognize yourself as an entrepreneur with a clear and actionable business plan
  • Position yourself as a viable competitor in your chosen industry
  • Speak to your target customer population in language that hits the mark
  • Set realistic goals that balance enthusiasm with the need for self-care. We help you create a JIL: Juicy Integrated Life ™
  • Enjoy the restoration of your personal and professional sense of purpose

Every great venture that has ever been, has begun with a dream. We’ll help you bring yours to life.

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